An oldie but a goodie. This was one of my first art quilts I did at ACAD. I made some fabric leaves and put it on some pleated fabric and handed it on. My prof, Wendy Toogood, said “Take off that binding and go get some leaves from the yeard and add them. It was difficult to sew them on. I covered them in hand cream and they sewed in – no problem. Although I created this in 2000, it’s still in pretty good shape – real leaves and fabric leaves. Still pretty delicate but most of the leaves are still in good conditon.

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Cabin Leaves 16″ X 14″


The Herd

I was invited to put a collaged horse into the Festival of Quilts this weekend in Calgary. We all used the same pattern “The Horse” by Emily Taylor. (I think it would’ve been easier without the pattern). Anyway, we all did it and it was a good addition to the show. Here are the “horses”.

MVP T-shirt Quilt

Kara Lee and her friends Sue and Pam decided to learn to quilt. They started coming over every Monday. Sue had a bunch of MVP T-shirts that she had won over the years and she wanted to make a comfy quilt from them. We started by cutting up the t-shirts, backing them, laying out the design, and soon she had the whole quilt together. Here she is at the end of her journey.

From Scraps to Fun Quilt

Step One,

Take all your scraps and divide it all into values. This could take a while

Step Two

Cut each value into strips and sew them together. Then cut them into equal squares. Do this with each value. Again, this can take a while.

Step Three

Arrange all the squares by values

Step Four

Sew all blocks together in rows and then sew all rows together, either dark to light or light to dark.

Step Five

Cut a circle in it and flip it.

World of Colour 57″ X 57″

Step 6
Add longitude and latitude quilting lines and quilt the heck out of the background.
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2022 – Slow Start

So, I’ve been spending a lot of time setting up a new website and restarting classes and longarming for others. With COVID, I have had a lot of time to catch up and finish UFO’s which has been great, but it’s nice to open up my studio again to quilters and clients. I have learned to Zoom and taught a few classes this way (not as fun as in person and a lot more prep time, but it works). Here are some of the quilts I have completed so far this year.

Always ready with a Baby Quilt – in case
Margaret’s Mandala – excellent for Freezer Paper Piecing (similar to Arabesque, but much smaller) 24″ X 24″
Refresh – Trendtex challenge
Musical Mondrian – Pattern by No Rules Quilting 86” X 82”

I have four grandchildren. For years, I’ve been meaning to make them Eye Spy Quilts. Finally, I got two done. They are 58” X 51” each. The kids saw them and immediately started playing “Eye Spy”. I was thrilled!

Winter Blues – A Calgary FAN Challenge 16″ X 26″
Super Solar System 108” X 84”

This is a very large panel. As soon as I saw it, I knew my grandson would love it. It was also a great chance to play on my long arm.

Good Morning Sunshine – 24” X 18”

I started this in February. When the Ukraine was invaded, it was fortuitous that I had it almost done, so I quickly finished it. Who knew it would be so appropriate for the times? One day, we will have to have a show with all the sunflower quilts that have been made to support the Ukraine.

Well, that’s it so far this year. It’s been fun. I love teaching again, both in my studio and on zoom. It’s great to quilt for others and also teaching people how to long arm their own quilts. 2022 is looking up!

2021 Retrospective

Our second year of COVID and I accomplished a lot, but not as much as last year.

Here are twenty-three of the twenty-six quilts I completed last year. (Three of them are in competition for CQA).

Christmas Log Cabin Tree Skirt
Nutcracker Tree Skirt

The star/diamonds tree skirt started as a scrap buster. My daughter-in-law loved it so it went to her. The blue nutcracker treeskirt was in my UFO cupboard for 30 years and finally finished. My sister collects nutcrackers and has a blue living room which matches this perfectly; long story short, it finally got delivered! What do I procrastinate so?

The ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas quilts were started in classes I taught years ago and finally got around to finishing. Again, more UFO’s – done! They were perfect presents for my boys and their families.

Funky Fabric Faces

I taught a funky fabric faces class to my guild. These are fun quilt-in-a-day projects. Lots of fun and a perfect first art quilt class with whatever scraps are at hand.

I belong to FAN – the Fibre Art Network. My first challenge was for the Chromatopia show. We were given paint chips and we had to use them to create our pieces.It was a realy great challenge; I enjoyed finding fabric, threads and beads in those colours. When put together with 48 other similar pieces, hey made a really beautiful show. They will be travelling throughout Western Canada for a couple of more years.

Chromatopia – photo by Karlie McChesney

For The Birds

The next FAN challenge was a show about birds. These are very small pieces 8″ X 8″. This show is also travelling and can be borrowed by any guild or group for just the price of shipping.

I had always wanted to try thread painting. I got to practice on these. I will definitely do it again.

On The Bias

On The Bias

This quilt is for the latest FAN show. It’s pretty exciting. I can’t wait to see this show in person.

Links of Cloth

Every year we do an exchange between all the textile artists in the Fibre Art Network. This was my piece. I received a beautiful piece from Dale MacEwan; here is her piece:

Links of Cloth by Dale MacEwan

You Could be Quoting Shakespeare – SPECTRA

I am part of a group of textile artists in Calgary area (and beyond). We do a new show every year and it usually travels for two or three years. Two years ago, we started the Shakespeare show. Unfortunately/fortunately I sold my two pieces “Out, damned Spot!” and “A Rose by Any Other Name”, so I had to make two new pieces. I quickly created these two.

Calgary LongArm Quilters

Every year the LongArmers Guild put together a group show at Heritage Park’s Festival of Quilts.

Last year, the challenge was a 30″ to 36″ square whole cloth quilt. I couldn’t decide which style to make so I did two.

Leaf Table Runner

For years I have been teaching a leaf table runner. This year Silver Thimbles Quilt Guild asked me to teach online, so I made another so I could have a complete slideshow to go along with the lesson. It was also a chance to get a new table runner for our front hall table.

Block of the Month UFO’s

Twenty years ago, Block Bonanza (Along Came Quilting) and Friday Fifteen (Traditional Pastimes) blocks were very popular. I started them all. Last year I finished four of them!

We are doing a Calgary Montage at Quilted Mouse. I have entered two. I am quite excited to see the end result once all the quilts are included.

There are three others that are headed for CQA so I’ll share them with you next year. As long as COVID goes on, I have no excuse to not be quilting (who needs to do housework anyway?). Hopefully 2022 is another productive year! I would love to hear from you and see what you’ve been working on.

Goodbye to 2020 – a Year of I’sew’lation

It was quite a year. Got a chance to catch up on lots of projects. I had a few challenges I wanted to complete, and UFO’s. I finished 36 quilts, including 25 UFO’s!!! That feels good. Now if I could just do it for 10 more years! Here there are!

An alternative 9 patch
I was in a Challenge to make 10 – 9 patch squares per month for 9 months. Then 9 of us exchanged blocks. Not everyone did them all, so in the end, I had 72 blocks to play with. I like the Storm-at-Sea curvy feel so I made many more 9 patches and put it together. It looked great the colours worked; other’s liked it, but I just found it a little boring. I cut out a Sploop, turned it, and put it back in. I added an undulating outline and put it back in. I really like it now

When Mary Pal came to Calgary, I was so excited to learn her method. Last year, I finally finished all the projects I started in her class:

The first two are my husband, Dale , and his father, Jim.

The other ones are Mary’s Designs; they are exercises we did in class.

We also tried making a leaf – her first exercise. I did some more leaves to enter a SAQA Show.

I call it “Colours of Canada”.

Colours of Canada

My group SPECTRA mounted a show called “COMMUNICATION”. This is what I entered; I names them “Sharing”, “Listening”, “Peace’ and “Love.”

I always enter my quilts at The “Festival of Quilts” at Heritage Park in Calgary. It’s a good way for me to keep track of what quilts I did over the year. I also like to enter their challenge if I can. This year it was pineapple quilts, so it was a good excuse to finish some UFO’s. Here’s a couple:

The first is a combination of some of my Dad’s ties and some silk I had. The blocks are pretty small, but I loved doing it. The next one started as a friendship block with my guild “The Silver Thimbles in Northwest Calgary. Some people struggled, but they turned out well.

We had a couple of family weddings this year. They were both in Ontario so we ended up watching them virtually. My nephew Braden married Leah and they picked pink, grey and navy blue for their colours. They also liked the Storm-at-Sea/Snail’s Trail. My niece, Emily married Leighton, but they couldn’t decide so I did one of those Giant Dream Big by Hoffman (103″ X 103″). The Quilting was challenging, but, again, it was a good challenge for me.

We had a new grandson born during the pandemic, plus a couple of other babies:

I finished two quilts for the Fibre Arts Network (FAN). The theme was Threads of Hope. The challenge was to use a red fabric which hit both sides at 3″. Here is the “Never Ending Thread” and “Threads of Communication”:

Quilt Canada always has the Trend Tex challenge; this year the theme was “20/20 Vision” and there was a green challenge called “Gateway to Adventure”.

Signs of Christmas

This was a Advent Calendar started in 1996. It’s a Meadow Lily Bridge Pattern. I only found 7 blocks. I probably lost the rest in the flood in 2013. Anyway, I decided to put it together. And here it is.

This is our friend Dave who passed away in 2020. His kids commissioned me to do a portrait for Dave’s wife and then she asked my husband to frame it. This is the photo to quilt to finished piece.

After the Calgary flood in 2013, the City started repairing roads, parks, buildings, etc. For three years I drove the intersection on the TransCanada and Sarcee Trail. I had some Pakistani silk so I decided to make a quilt I named “Chaos”. In 2020, I fixed it up and submitted it to the “Crossroads” show at Grand National.

Inside My Diamond

This is the Elizabeth Pattern from MJ Kinman. I had a really fun time choosing my colours. Not quite she had in mind but MJ doesn’t mind. A fun way to paper piece from the front.

The pandemic caused us to really appreciate the nurses and doctors and frontline workers. There was a call to entry for a show for the Peter Lougheed Centre “PLC: From the Front Line to the Drawing Line“. My niece, Hailey, and my friend, Stephanie, both worked there so I made three quilts to enter.

This is the one they liked and eventually ended up in the show. It’s Hailey all masked and gowned up.

Bumbleberry Lane from Traditional Pastimes, Calgary Manhole cover, Four layer fish – from a demo I did, Tin Lizzie on deconstructed cotton, Mewtwo for Harrison’s birthday, Placemats for my brother and sister-in-law.

It was a great year for trying new things, finishing old things, trying new techniques and entering challenges and shows. I’m looking forward to another year of catching up. Let me know what you’ve been doing through this year of Isewlation.

Mary Pal

For years I have admired the quilts made by Mary Pal. I have tried to get into her classes at CQA in Ontario and even her classes in Haliburton. She is always booked up. Plus, it was quite expensive to fly to Ontario just to take her class. So, I decided to email her and invite ger to come to Calgary. And, what do you know? She did.

Mary came for the last week in May 2019. She came for a five day workshop and she gave an amazing Trunk Show. We were so pleased to have her here.

I started several quilts in her class. I finally finished them a year late.

I also started two large portraits, one of my husband, Dale, and his father, Jim. They also took me a year to finish.

Then I did a couple of other quilts in Mary’s style:

Anyway, it was well worth the time and money. I have a new friend and a new technique under my belt. I have totally been influenced by this wonderful woman.